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Florence et Michel GUERIN

The Irish  charm

          Trength and genuineness !

Other names : Daredevil  or irish red
Origin : Ireland

« There is something that cannot be denied,that is,Michael was able to love with the same thorough devotion,the same courage

 and the same self-sacrifice as any human being» Jack LONDON


History : This terrier has been bred in Ireland most probably for centuries;however,his origin is not well known,and its official appearance might trace back to around 1800. This is why it is one of the most ancient breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club ,and one of the most ancient Terrier breeds in Ireland. It could be descended from an old breed of black and tan rough-coated Terrier and also from a large Wheaten Terrier which might have lived in the area of Cork County. The present type ,"red irish",was  established between 1873 (Dublin exhibition) and 1875 (Glasgow exhibition); before that its coat could be red ,black and tan ,or even tabby. At present, its coat color ranges from straw to tan  ;a little white spot on the chest is allowed and designates an american lineage(the champion spot!)

The Irish Terrier Club (ITC) was  founded in 1879 in Dublin and a first standard was defined in 1880 .The first Irish Terriers had pointed ears ,but ear docked was forbidden by ITCin 1890.

The Irish Terrier was immortalized by  Jack London (1876-1916) in two famous novels :Jerry of the Islands  and Michaël, brother of Jerry.


Robust, resilient and fast ,he was used for large variety of purposes,as scrub hunting and retrieving in Kerry County, big game hunting in Africa . This dog is capable of fighting to death .During World War I,it served as a British soldiers' auxiliary ,so demonstrating beyond any doubt intelligence and courage.

 Personality and utilizations: The irish terrier is an ideal companion for anyone that wants a cheerful ,lively and witty dog .   He is thoroughly loyal and loving towards his master . He is intelligent and easy to train ; it is an ideal companion for children


He is an all-purpose dog :all kinds of hunting (land and water),company or agility (it is the fastest of all terriers).The passion it arouses among the experts is due to its distinguished appearance and its vivid ,intelligent gaze .



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